Becoming Consultant


Becoming an AQUAROMA®Professional Consultant

We are glad to extend to you a very special invitation to become an Aquaroma®Professional Consultant. By doing so, you will enjoy, among others, the following


  • Join a successful team in operation for more than 30 years now, with proven protocols and products that benefit all skin types and treat many skin conditions;
  • Increase your income. With Aquaroma® you have three sources of income:
    • Perform Hydro-Facials™ (Professional Products also have discounts)
    • Recommend Home Care Products to your clients. You will get the Products for your clients, your family and yourself at wholesale price.
    • Participate in Aquaroma® Leadership Plan (generous financial compensation for referral of other Professionals. Please, call us for more details)
  • Take advantage of extra generous profit margins. This is possible because you are in  direct contact with the Creators and Manufacturers of Aquaroma®.
  • Expand your knowledge and gain recognition the field of Esthetics while proudly pioneering an innovative and effective paradigm: Phyto-Hydrotherapy.
  • Receive training free of charge and upon completion you will be awarded a Qualification Certificate from Aquaroma®.

Who Qualifies?

The possibility of becoming a Professional Consultant is open to individuals or to Institutions (businesses)


  • Licensed Estheticians, Cosmetologists, Full Specialists, Massage Therapists, Nurses, Acupuncturists.


  • Skin Care Clinics, Spas, Day Spas, Medi Spas, Beauty Salons, Medical Offices; Pediatrics, Dermatology or Plastic Surgery Centers.

How to Begin?

While at first becoming a Professional Consultant may look daunting, be assured that you will have our help every step of the way.  Our aim is to facilitate your journey towards becoming a Qualified Aquaroma®Professional Consultant who can provide excellent Skin Care services for your future customers.

A good starting point for you would be to carefully study the general contents of this website. Please write down questions that might come to mind as you go over this first level of information.

Please contact us directly at our headquarters. Or, if you were referred by an active Aquaroma® Consultant, she/he will be able to discuss your outstanding questions at this initial level.

Once you opt for Aquaroma®, as your skin care line, and submit proof of your credentials, you will have two options:

  • Centering  on Oily or Acne Prone skins (Acne Centered Professional Set), or
  • Going for a more comprehensive Professional Set that will allow you to attend all skin types and conditions (All Skin Types Professional Set).

We recommend the second option which will allow you to provide your professional services to anyone who may seek your help. Besides, it includes more Home Care Products to satisfy demand from your clients.

After placing an order for a Professional Set, you will be considered an Aquaroma® Registered Consultant and you will receive a user name and password to access the web page section reserved for Professional Consultants, where you will find a wealth of technical information, articles, references and videos, leading to a high level of competency on the nature of the skin (Anatomy and Physiology) , its prevalent esthetics problems, the nature and interactions between the Aquaroma® Products, and detailed practice on the various protocols for Home Care and for Professional Applications.

With your Set of Professional Products at hand, we will pursue the practical training phase, till you feel confident and comfortable performing Hydro-Facials™.

After this, you will be awarded a Qualification Certificate from Aquaroma®.  Congratulations, you are a Qualified Aquaroma®Professional Consultant!!!

Note: We offer in-person specialization in Facial Phyto-Hydrotherapy, tailored to each individual, with emphasis in advanced theory and substantial amount of practice on real cases. Please call our Headquarters to make specific arrangements: duration, schedule and costs, etc.