Why Aquaroma

Since the founding of Aquaroma® in 1985 our philosophy on skin care has persisted: life giving water and naturally evolved plant compounds in the form of botanical extracts are the key to healthy skin, making you feel young, vibrant and alive. The very name Aquaroma® contains these two elements: aqua – life giving water; and aroma – natural fragrances of botanical extracts. In contrast to most of the skin care industry which uses creams (lipids), our skin care system pioneered phyto-hydrotherapy, treatment of the skin using botanical extracts and water based products.

Why water not lipids? Well, our skin is composed of 90% water just like the rest of our body and our skin is as complex and vital as any of our other organs. We aim to help your skin function at its best to make it feel soft and supple as the day you were born, not cover it up and make it look pretty with glossy over coatings.

Because our products are water based, they are compatible with your skin’s chemistry. They cleanse, nourish and moisturize your skin, and support your skin’s function so that your skin itself feels healthy and vibrant. None of our products are lipid based because as conventional wisdom holds: oil and water don’t mix.

So we invite you to embrace and learn more about a new paradigm for healthy skin: phyto-hydrotherapy!