The Organization

Wilmer Corp. is an American Company, established in the State of Florida, since 1985. It is the sole proprietor of AQUAROMA® and its entire line of Skin Care products.

AQUAROMA® is a trade mark federally registered, by Wilmer Corporation, with the Patent and Trademark Office, in the USA.

The company holds all Government Manufacturing Licenses, for producing high quality skin care products, according to and complying with all regulations required for interstate commerce in the United States of America. 

Currently, our headquarters are strategically located in South Florida, which allows for business interactions within the USA, the Americas, and the Caribbean.


The Corporation  has and will devote its resources to research, develop, test and make available the best, natural, holistic, non invasive, botanically empowered, biodegradable, affordable, unisex  products, and to discover,  refine  and teach efficient and effective   methodologies for their home use and professional application. This leads to optimally satisfy the aesthetic needs of our heterogeneous clientele, in the USA and other countries, where social and economic conditions allow for free international trade.

Complementary branches of business have and will be integrated, as they become sound and feasible. Such is the case of skin care services, new emerging skin care technologies, and repair and distribution of high end Skin Care Equipment.


Your Beauty…Our Obsession

Excellence and Beyond