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Aquaroma’s® Skin Care System has two components: Professional Care and Home Care.   Aquaroma’s® Skin Care System is based on phyto-hydrotherapy which combines the powers of water, plus the richness and wonderful attributes of pure botanical extracts:this scientifically formulated skincare line uses low density water based, water-soluble, easy-to-apply serums which will produce quick and dramatic rejuvenating skin results, both on men and women. The natural-holistic system deep cleanses, exfoliates and strengthens your skin by providing revitalizing moisture, vitamins, antioxidants, sea trace minerals, amino acids plus pure botanical activities. all contributing to the the optimal pH balance and superb skin condition.


In the "Your Skin" page, we explained the skin needs: deep pore cleansing, re-hydrating, nourishing, exfoliating, and sealing in moisture and nutrients. 

Aquaroma’s® Skin Care System performs all of these functions and works best with the application of Professional Care (Hydro-Facial) followed by daily Home Care.  However, even in the absence of Professional Care, daily Home Care will make a marked improvement on your skin, making it feel clean, silky smooth and toned.

Home Care

Basic Home Care for all skin types using Aquaroma’s® Magic Trio. When used together day and night will leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed, toned and hydrated. Though out the day, your skin will feel silky smooth and toned – what a wonderful feeling! Learn More…

Comprehensive Home Care for acne and oily skin using Aquaroma’s® Penta Power (Acne) or Penta Power (Oily):   Scientifically formulated for oily skin and acne prone skin. Learn More…

Comprehensive Home Care for dry to normal skin using
Aquaroma’s® Seven Wonders:  You will feel great, exhibiting a radiant, non-greasy, clean, lifted, re-hydrated, freely breathing and naturally glowing skin. Learn More…


AQUAROMA® Hydro-Facial™

You will get optimal results for your skin by receiving a periodic Hydro-Facial™ from one of our Professional Consultants, and by persistently using Aquaroma® Home Care Products. What to expect in a typical first visit:

  • Introduction to Phyto-Hydrotherapy (all liquid, water based, water soluble, no lipids!)
  • Detailed analysis of your skin condition;
  • Rejuvenation treatment includes:
    • Thermal dilation and deep pore cleansing;
    • Facial relaxation massage
    • Micro-peeling and deep exfoliation
    • Extractions (if necessary) and lymphatic drainage
    • Facial Miotension [White Dream™ Mask]
    • Infusive moisturization
    • Application of key minerals, plus wide spectrum UV protection
  • Relaxing Music and Aromatherapy are also key techniques emphasized in our professional protocols.

Learn more about the Aquaroma® Hydro-Facial™.

How often?   One rule doesn’t fit it all. But, in general, for normal/dry/combination skin types once per month which coincides with the biological cell renewal cycle.  For oily and especially acne prone skin, your Professional Consultant may recommend once per week and space out treatment as skin condition improves.

Team work with your Professional Consultant and daily use of Aquaroma® Home Care Products are key to reaching and maintaining a healthy, vibrant and rejuvenated skin.