Through out the years, we have helped many people improve their skin condition with our products.   Here is a sample of some of the cases we have treated with Professional Care and Home Care.

Aquaroma® is Effective in Cases of Acne

A young musician with wide spread cystic acne affecting his forehead, cheeks, chin and entire neck area came to the Aquaroma® Skin Care Clinic upon advice from his mother who had heard many good things about Aquaroma® facial treatments.   Given the depth of his lesions, he was very sensitive and easily experienced acute pain. He had experimented with many treatments for several years, including trying to cover up his acne under heavy makeup and foundations before going out to the stage to perform. Of course, covering up worsened his condition, he himself recognized it.  Coming to us was the beginning of team work that overcame this chronic condition which was causing so much physical and emotional damage.

The severity of his acne called for weekly Hydro Facials™ for the first 5 weeks, and then every 2 or 3 weeks, as necessary. Additionally, he used  Aquaroma® Penta Power™ (Acne) at home both morning and night. He also made some adjustments to his nutritional habits.

The “After Picture” shown here, captures the remarkable progress at 14 weeks from start of treatment: the cysts had disappeared; the inflammation, receded; the color of the skin, normalized; and the deep acne scars had regenerated, creating new tissue to form revived, smooth skin surface.

Before After

Aquaroma® is Gentle on Your Skin

Prior to coming to us, the young woman on the right(or below) had made several attempts (at various other professional centers using other skin care lines) to correct condition, having experienced allergic reactions, with no signs of recovery. She told us she has a history of allergies with hyper sensitive skin. Her skin was showing signs of dehydration, scaling, redness and broken capillaries, especially on her cheeks.

Given the history of allergies and sensitivity of this case, a controlled application to test for adverse allergic reactions was conducted, starting with Derma Clean™, Skin Dew™ and Derma Seal™. Since no immediate reaction occurred on site, client was instructed to use those products at home, for one week, while we followed up with her every other day. After this trial period, a Hydro Facial™ was performed, following the protocol for Sensitive Skin.

The “After” Image shows results following the one week trial period (desensitizing) and immediately after the first Hydro Facial with Aquaroma®. Redness decreased substantially, scaling receded, and no allergic reactions were reported by client.

Five days later, after testing for allergic reactions, she was instructed to add Radiance (Polypeptides) to re-hydrate her skin, morning and night.

Before After

Aquaroma® Revitalizes Skin – Even In Tough Cases

A senior gentleman walked into the Aquaroma® Skin Care Clinic after having spent years seeking help with the dark patches around his nose.  He had been prescribed creams and suggested treatment had gone as far as burning off the dark patches. We noticed serve accumulation of cornea layer (composed of dead skin cells) of the skin, with multiple outgrowths of black heads and milia (white heads), all over his face, particularly on the lateral sides of his nose, with the appearance (similarities) of non-localized Seborrheic Keratosis.

After just two Hydro-Facial™ treatments over the course of two weeks. Complete Protocol for Hyperactive Sebaceous glands was followed (Oily/Acneic Skins). The gentleman consistently used Aquaroma® Penta Power (for oily skin) at home to complement Hydro-Facial™ during this two week period.

Before After

Addressed to Mercy Velandia, US Training Director of Aquaroma®

“Dear Mercy

Never before has my skin been in better condition than it is now. Gone are the days of hiding my acne under all sorts of makeup, and believe me, I have tried them, all.

I have been a devoted follower of AQUAROMA products since I was introduced to this program by a fellow co-worker and friend. I remember my first visit to your Office. I went in believing this treatment would improve my skin condition and I saw that improvement in just one week after following your specific instructions. You were so pleasant, honest, and so sure of what you were doing and saying.

To think of all the moneys, time, and mental suffering spent at different dermatologists and other acne/skin centers, and following their directions without any noticeable results, and I have been to the so called best in my area!

After the failure from dermatologists, I dabbed with the cosmetics end, buying the entire programs of C, L, EL [initials only transcribed here], to mention a few.

The beauty of AQUAROMA is its simplicity and rapid results. The ritual is easy, and to the point –no mixing, no covering up, no pill taking, and no pain. This success must be made available and widely advertised for those other people suffering from acne, a condition that also scars a person’s mind, especially women.

 My skin now breathes. No longer do I have to spend half-an-hour putting on my makeup. My degree of oiliness has lessened, my pores have tighten-up, and my face looks alive, not made up.

Now I feel more confident about myself and how I look. So much so that I would always prefer AQUAROMA to a diamond ring, which is supposed to be a girl’s best friend. Mine is AQUAROMA.


          P. I.”


Transcript of letter on the right:

Dear Listener:

My name is Denise ——–. I’ve been fighting acne for as long as I could remember. I think I’ve used everything in the market and still nothing worked. I wouldn’t want to leave my home because my face was so bad, full of pimples and stains. Until one day my sister told me about going to see Mercy and I did. Mercy did wonders for me. She took great care of my face. I started using her products day and night and today I’m a very satisfied person. My skin looks and feels great. When my husband said to me one day "your skin looks great." I knew Aquaroma was to thank for. The products are wonderful. I recommend them to anyone.

Thank You Mercy

Transcript of letter on the right:

Dear Aquaroma:

I have been coming to your office for a few years now. When I first came in it was because a good friend recommended me to Aquaroma. I remember the hopelessness I had with my acne and you gave me hope. You said if I listened to you and if I let Aquaroma along with Doctor Mercy’s hand work its magic, my face would find its balance. When I first came in my face was a disaster. I had clusters of acne growing and becoming one big problem. Behind my ear I had a boil the size of a golfball. It hurts to remember how embarrassing it was to go to work or even go out in public. My ear lobe was lifter up, it was literally parallel to the floor. This boil was huge!!! At this point I was asking for a miracle. and that’s when Mercy and Aquaroma along with faith…

One of the qualities that keeps me coming back, and that proved to me that Aquaroma cared about my health was the love that they showed when they work on my skin. They pay attention to detail, they have a very friendly atmosphere, the air has the aroma of a spa, the room where they rejuvenate your skin has the relaxing sounds of nature and pure moods. Its not only a cleansing of the skin that occurs, its a cleansing for your mind and your body as well.

It was much easier for me to accept the constructive pain that I endured to overhaul my face, that boil was a tumor, a tumor full of dead skin, grease, puss, everything that a cancer is made of. Fortunate for me, it was accessible from the outside and with Dr. Mercies knowledge and experience, we were able to completely flush out that tumor and move on with my life. Mercy worked on me till I was done. It took hours and she was motivated the whole time.

At a regular dermatologist which most people are used to, they inject the acne to calm the swelling. A "quick fix", then in a few days all that dirty blood either comes back or crystallizes. When I used to go to the dermatologist that my insurance covered, I was in and out in 20 minutes. I would get injected and they they would apply some harsh chemical peel that only irritated my skin and I was done – Those injections crystallized and left me a permanent pimple in my skin that I’ve had for 4 years now.

Aquaroma will educate you that it’s not only topical solutions that will clear your skin. Your skin exposes the junk you put in your body. Thanks to Aquaroma, not only does my skin feel better, but my health and aura feels better too because they truly want to see me glow when I come in and leave those doors. As a past client I urge you to let Aquaroma and the wonderful people there spoil your skin and mind with a much healthier alternative.