Your Skin

What Your Skin Needs

The process of ageing cannot be completely stopped; but, Aquaroma® can help your skin reach its maximum potential and prolong its youthful state. Whether you have normal, dry, oily, acne, sensitive or combination skin (what’s your skin type?), your skin needs Deep Pore Cleansing, Exfoliating, Re-hydrating, Nourishing,  Myotensing and Sealing in Moisture and Nutrients. Our Aquaroma®Professional Consultants are ready to analyze your skin, perform appropriate treatments and recommend suitable products and protocols, as required by your skin type and condition.

Deep Pore Cleansing

We live in an ever increasingly contaminated environment: smog, unfiltered factory outputs, automobile exhaust, tire wear residues, plus our own perspiration and natural toxins eliminated through our own skin, not to mention the residues left from makeup and foundations. All these impurities tend to accumulate in our pores [those minute orifices found all over our skin]. Deep pore Cleansing morning and night is the key to removing impurities in your skin.


Your skin is in continual state of renewal, replacing the outer skin over about 30 days.  Over this 30 day period, skin cells progress from live cells from the base of the epidermis to form tightly packed bundles of keratin in the outer most layer of the epidermis – our visible skin.  This top layer is constantly flaking off and being replaced by cells underneath.  We can help skin remain youthful and healthy by supporting this natural process of renewal through exfoliation.

By using Aquaroma® at home, and occasionally having a professional facial therapy [Hydro-exfoliation], your skin will be naturally and mildly exfoliated, without any of the side effects, usually associated with chemical peelings.


There is a fundamental difference between a baby’s skin and that of an adult; babies have a larger proportion of water in their skin. As we age, our skin is more likely lose water; this lack of water holding capacity leads to deterioration of the connective tissue and the appearance of unwanted premature wrinkles.

We know that when a plant is withering, the best and first thing, we have to do is add water. The results will be almost immediate; but they will be more evident after probably 24 hours. The same happens when Aquaroma® is applied to the skin: The effects of re-hydration are immediate and quite visible.

There are two major types of moisturizers:

  • Occlusive and dehydrating: Occlusive moisturizers are lipid based [that is, oil/grease based] and they are intended to help the skin retain existing internal moisture within the skin.
  • Rehydrating moisturizers provide moisture for dehydrated skins. Aquaroma®, being a water-based line, belongs to the second category: it is a re-hydrating system; as such, it provides real and abundant moisture to your skin.


There is an analogy between the cell membrane and our skin; in fact, our skin surrounds our entire body establishing the difference between the outer world and ourselves. Our skin lets some things out and lets others in; it behaves as a semi permeable membrane; that is why it also possible to nourish the skin from the outside.

Of course, Aquaroma® has been enriched with all above-mentioned elements, which are applied on the skin in the form of water-soluble low molecular density liquid lotions. Use Aquaroma® regularly and your eyes (and those of your friends!) will see the difference.


Over time, the skin becomes saggy and less firm due to loss or deterioration of elastin and collagen, two key proteins in facial tissue. This process can be associated with ageing, excess UV radiation, dehydration, sleep deprivation, smoking, excess alcohol, lack of exercise, sudden weight loss, stress or inadequate nutrition. All this implies that maintaining a healthy and vibrant skin requires implementing a holistic approach, including all the steps we are outlining here. Exfoliating, rehydrating, nourishing your skin, preforming proper facial lymphatic massage and applying Aquaroma® Facial Masks will help improve the muscle tone (myotension) on you face, neck and V-zone.

Sealing in Moisture and Nutrients

It is important to help the aging skin retain the moisture that has been applied from the outside.

Aquaroma® also has that capability; you can accomplish that important function by applying Derma*SealTM, a healthy combination of micro pulverized minerals, especially rich in magnesium and zinc. Because of its particular functions, Derma*SealTM is the only solid product in the Aquaroma® line. 


Skin Types

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, with amazing anatomical and physiological complexities, as explained with more detail elsewhere (Professional Consultants).

We do not have the same number of sebaceous glands on every part of our body, so that we will have variance in the degree of sebum concentration (Oiliness) in our skin. Besides differences in number of sebaceous glands there are differences in their level of activity (Hypo, Normal, and Hyper activity).

For instance, there is more concentration of sebaceous glands in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and less on the cheeks, eye contour area and neck.  The number of sebaceous glands and their level of activity determine, to a great extent, the various skin types. In Aquaroma® we focus on these skin types:  Dry to Normal, Oily, Acne, Combination and Sensitive

Dry skin is low in sebum (result of Hypo active glands). That may leads to scaling, dehydration, wrinkles, and premature aging.

Normal Skin is characterized for enough production of sebum to maintain robust and healthy acid mantle (combination of sebum with sweat), and to preserve flexibility and elasticity on the skin. For treatment purposes, Aquaroma® groups Dry, Mature and Normal Skin in one category.

Oily Skin is high in sebum production (hyper active sebaceous glands), in the T-Zone, and in other areas of the face. Open pores, black heads and white heads are frequent.

Acne Skin occurs after hyperactive sebaceous glands are infected by Propionibacterium Acnes, the bacteria that produce acne. Pimples, papules, nodules and cysts are common occurrence.

Combination Skin is characterized by hyper active sebaceous glands in the T-zone and hypo active sebaceous in the cheeks, eye contour area and the neck, as shown in the figure (T-zone Illustration).

Sensitive Skin: May have some of the characteristics of the above types; in addition inflammation, irritation, scaling, redness and broken capillaries are usually present on various areas the face. Sensitive skins are quite demanding and require daily Home and Professional Care. 


What skin type do You Have

Look for professional advice. One of our Aquaroma® Consultants will be able to help you.

If that is not possible, here there is an easy suggestion for you to try at home:

1.    Remove any make up before retiring to sleep.

2.    The following morning, without having washed your face,

3.    Gently pat a first sheet of blotting paper on the T-zone (Sample A).

4.    Gently pat a second sheet of blotting paper on the rest of the face (Sample B).

5.    Hold both Samples A and B against a bright light. Now, look at the results:

  • If both samples A and B are translucent, you have Oily Skin
  • If both Samples A and B are not translucent, or barely so, you have Dry to Normal Skin
  • If Sample A is translucent, but Sample B is not, you have Combination Skin

Bear in mind that the skin is a dynamic organ that changes as our life, age and other circumstances vary. So it is important, from time to time, to examine your skin for any possible changes and adjust skin care regimes accordingly. Aquaroma®Professional Consultants are ready to work with you to optimize the condition of your skin for many years to come.