New Paradigm

The New Paradigm In Esthetics: Phyto-hydrotherapy

Water surrounds planet earth; our bodies are mostly water; blood plasma is more than 90% water; our cells are full with water and they float in this ubiquitous and precious liquid; even more, our skin is a complex organ, the largest of our body, and to our surprise, it is also mostly water [even our hair and nails have a considerable percentage of water]. We can survive for many days, weeks, perhaps months without food; but we cannot live without water. Water is a precondition for the existence and maintenance of life, at least as we know it.

No wonder, the most common aspiration in the field of skin care [and yours most likely too] is to rehydrate the skin; that is, to bring and hold maximum moisture into the skin. However, upon planet earth there is only one rehydrating compound: it is water.

AQUAROMA® has been especially and carefully formulated to make reality everybody’s dream: to bring maximum moisture to your skin, plus the added benefits of vitamins, antioxidants, oxygen, amino acids and key minerals.

We are sure, you have had the experience of receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers; we all want to preserve those flowers fresh, glowing, vibrant and alive for the maximum possible time; to achieve that goal, we apply water, of course. This magic trick does the job. Our skin behaves pretty much in the same manner: It can lose water, dehydrate, fade, wrinkle and grow prematurely old.

Now, let us briefly examine four important facts about plants:

  • Plants are at the root of all living organisms on planet earth; they are the ultimate link in the food chain, to the point that they are the only living organism capable of transforming light into oxygen and basic nutrients.
  • Many plants are hallucinogenic and as such, they have a direct impact on the human autonomous nervous system, especially when inhaled; this explains why, from a different perceptive, it is possible to do Aromatherapy through the olfactory system.
  • A good number of plants have detrimental and some times have mortal effects on human beings; 
  • Finally, a substantial number of plants have healing and regenerative powers. Nourishing, relaxing and healing plant extracts have been integrated within AQUAROMA® formulations.

In essence, AQUAROMA® exemplifies a natural Skin Care System that combines the powers of water, plus the richness and wonderful attributes of pure botanical extracts: this is the meaning of Skin Phyto-hydrotherapy, the real alternative in the world of Skin Care now and the future.