Professional Products

We welcome all to experience a Hydro-Facial™ utilizing the Aquaroma® Professional Skin Care System which is specifically formulated for application by one of the licensed Professional Consultants.

Professional products can only be ordered by Aquaroma® licensed Professional Consultants. (how to become a Professional Consultant)



Natural Clay based Mask scientifically recommended for oily, combination and acne prone skin.
  • Professional application only, as per Aquaroma® protocols.
  • You will feel temporary tingling and penetrating sensation. You will enjoy the power of Super Mask™ by concentrating on breathing, slowly inhaling and exhaling, and thinking about the remarkable benefits for your skin: less oiliness, tighter pores, accelerated healing, diminish milia, controlled black heads or gradual control of acne.
  • As the mask interacts with your skin, it promotes lymphatic drainage in areas where extractions have been performed (if any). At the same time, it tightens your facial tissue (myotension).
  • In most cases, you will be able to feel blood pulsations as the mask stimulates your facial circulation.
There is abundant scientific and/or anecdotal information regarding certain generally recognized beneficial properties of natural clays, such as:
  • Antiseptic (preventing decay or putrefaction);
  • Cicatrizing (promoting wound healing),
  • Anti-inflammatory (relieving and preventing inflammation),
  • Emollient (softening and soothing the skin),
  • Refrigerant (cooling and reducing body heat), and
  • Rejuvenating (improving skin’s texture and appearance).
Key Ingredients:  Combination Of Natural Clays, Non GMO Certified Vegetable Glycerol, Honey and/or Molasses, Master Formulation Of Essential Oils known to help control sebaceous gland hyperactivity, Botanical Fragrance.